Book – Water Fasting For Wellness naturopathjen May 26, 2023

If you are struggling with that stubborn body fat, you are wanting a good detox or you are suffering from an illness that just doesn’t seem to be getting better, then water fasting may be just for you.

I wrote this book to inform you about the amazing benefits associated with water fasting. It has been used extensively in the treatment of autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular disease (especially hypertension) and not to mention to ward off the side effects of cancer treatments. But of course one of the most amazing benefits is its ability to help you shift that last bit of excess weight, help clear up your skin and increase your longevity.

If you are not yet convinced that water fasting is something that you would like to try, then read on and I hope that by the end you may decide that it is something you can do. I have done it myself – and you can too… However, don’t worry… If a Water Fast seems too extreme to start off with, I have also included some information on 2 other forms of fasting – intermittent fasting and bone broth fasting.

And, if Water Fasting seems too easy and you are wanting results even quicker then you can try the “Dry Fast”. However, remember that this is very extreme and should be done under the supervision of a practitioner. All in all, I think a Water Fast is your best bet.

Within this book I have covered the following:

1) What Fasting Is;
2) History of Fasting;
3) Benefits of Fasting – Both Spiritually, Emotionally and Physiologically (with medically researched studies);
4) Case Studies of Medical Success Stories;
5) How to decide if a fast is right for you – who should and who shouldn’t be doing a water fast;
6) 7 important steps you must complete to prepare for a water fast;
7) How to complete the water fast including what type of water to use and how much to drink. I also include 4 other steps you should take when completing the task to make it as easy and effective as possible;
8) How to break the fast correctly;
9) Summary of the 13 steps you can take to complete a successful water fast;
10) 16 Common Fasting Questions Answered;
11) Information on how to successfully undertake Intermittent Fasting;
12) Information on how to successfully undertake Bone Broth Fasting;
13) Information on how to successfully undertake Dry Fasting;
14) References to 13 Medically Research Studies;
15) References to a whole host of valuable websites you can check out if you require further information; and

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