About Me naturopathjen May 25, 2023

Hi there, my name is Jennifer Matthews and I am a spiritual life coach, naturopath, personal trainer and empowered empath facilitator.

So, what is it about me that makes me different to many of the other life coaches out there? On a personal level I have been going through an intense spiritual ascension which included a full year of a dark night of the soul, karmic relationships with people extremely close to me that I have had to cut cords with, past life generational trauma I have had to heal and so much more.

I have been through the experience of closing 30 years worth of generational karma and life lessons, as well as experiencing multiple abusive and narcissistic relationships that have empowered me to create my “Self Empowered Empath” brand. I am a recovered codependent empath that now specialises in helping other empaths recover from these sorts of karmic experiences so they may also feel the peace and tranquility that I feel now that I have closed the contracts and can live an incredible life with the blessings of my wonderful husband and 2 incredible children.

However, although that gives a little insight into my spiritual journey, I believe I am a little different because of my background as a naturopath and personal trainer also. Although I believe that connection with our emotional and spiritual selves is of incredible importance and I wouldn’t be where I am without this connection, I do still recognise that with us living in this 3D experience, we do also need to focus on our physical bodies and physical health so that we may remain in the vibration to manifest our greatest desires, and so within my coaching programs I embody all 3 parts of your human and soul experience so everything is taken care of.

For my coaching services, go to: https://www.spiritualcoachjenmatthews.com where I help you with your 3D, 4D and 5D transformation and beyond…

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