Book – Magnificent Magnesium naturopathjen May 26, 2023

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of magnesium.

Whether you are suffering from muscle pains, migraines, arthritis or fatigue magnesium could just be what you are looking for.

Within this book I have covered the following:

  1. What Magnesium Is;
  2. Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency;
  3. Causes and Risk Factors of Magnesium Deficiency;
  4. Types of Supplemental Magnesium;
  5. Best Times to Take Magnesium;
  6. Optimal Intakes of Magnesium;
  7. Toxicity of Magnesium;
  8. Testing for Magnesium;
  9. Nutritional Sources of Magnesium;
  10. Supplements to be taken with Magnesium;
  11. Supplements to avoid taking with Magnesium;
  12. How Medications affect Magnesium and Vice Versa;
  13. Safety during pregnancy;
  14. Magnesium and athletes;
  15. Magnesium and the elderly;
  16. Magnesium and alcohol;
  17. 21 different conditions that are helped with magnesium. I go into information on that condition as well as a research study confirming what I have said.
  18. A summary checklist of what you can do today to ensure you optimise your magnesium absorption.
  19. A Conclusion including 3 places you can get magnesium and how you can help by giving testimonials; and
  20. A combination of 24 scientific research references and 26 website references.
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