Book – The Acne Solution naturopathjen May 26, 2023

Are you suffering from acne that is hindering your social life or lowering your self-esteem?

Would you like to experience clear skin and optimized health.

If so, then this book is just for you. I have written this book to inform you about the conventional acne treatments that are out there, as well as some natural therapies that also help treat your skin condition.

On top of that, I have given you a 12 step program to get the clearest skin ever and have gone through many strategies on how you can avoid acne to start with.

Within this book I have covered the following:

  1. What acne is;
  2. Why skin is so important;
  3. 6 of the most common myths about acne;
  4. Why acne happens during puberty and what you can do;
  5. How to deal with acne scarring;
  6. What the types of acne are and how you can distinguish between them;
  7. 10 Causes of Acne and how you can prevent and treat them;
  8. Common Conventional Drugs and Therapies used to treat acne;
  9. 8 Solutions for treating acne;
  10. Top 15 Essential Oils and Herbs to treat acne;
  11. 4 Miscellaneous Nutrients to treat your acne;
  12. Vitamins and Minerals that are necessary for clear skin;
  13. Top 3 Homeopathic Remedies;
  14. 5 Food Based Topicals;
  15. Top 2 Oils for skin health;
  16. 5 Recipes for Clear Skin; and
  17. 12 Step Protocol for Clear Skin.
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