Have you ever been shopping or have been on your feet for a considerable amount of time and begin to experience back pain as a result of it? You might think that it is your feet causing your back pain, but possibly it is your shoes. I know recently both myself and my husband were wearing shoes that were wearing out on the sole but due to our hectic lives we never put new shoes as a priority. As a result, both of us started suffering from not only foot pain and wore out socks, but we also started dealing with bad back pain.

As soon as we replaced our shoes, our back pain disappeared. Therefore, it is very important if you are dealing with back pain to make sure that you are wearing  the proper footwear. If your shoes are not supporting your feet properly, you will experience back pain as a result. This is especially the case if you have to stand on a hard floor on a regular basis. You may notice that moving around a little bit will help to ease up some of the pain that you are experiencing, this is very common whenever you are having a problem with your shoes.

If you find you are in this situation and your shoes are starting to wear out, then it is very important that you either get new shoes or at the very least get some new cushioned soles that you can put in them temporarily. Avoiding doing this can not only cause back pain but also hip and leg pain too.

Whenever you are choosing shoes because you are having back problems you need to make sure that if it is a proper one. It is not really enough for you to simply get a pair of shoes that is supposed to give you more support. If the shoes don’t fit properly, the support is going to be compromised in some way or another. It is also important for you to get shoes that breathe easily so that your feet are not sweating inside of your shoes, potentially causing other problems.

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